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How I Had An Adventure, And Found Myself Doing And Saying Things Altogether Unexpected

If you are here to learn more about my journey as User Experience designer, that's great.

If I drew you in here with the paraphrased Lord of the Rings quote...that's even better.

This particular blog post is just me introducing myself to you...


Starting with this post, I will update those interested in my learning to be a better designer on a weekly basis.

My hope is that I provide a common ground for those like me as they are trying to learn:

- What being deeply empathetic means when in the midst of designing a product

- What walls I'm facing when trying to come up with novel solutions to complex problems

- What problems need to be fixed


- What is a problem?

I hope you gain some insight into my own thought process, but more importantly, I hope to help contribute to the discussion of problem solving using design thinking. Nothing exists in a vacuum, not even designers :0

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