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Nice to meet you! My name is Dylan Cooper and I am a UX designer!

My Story

I have been designing now for a little under 6 months and it is a blooming passion of mine. I have always had a strong imagination and have always been motivated to create something interesting, at least out of the box, with a simple idea.

My passions lie within music. I am performing musician for 10+ years and songwriter as well as a recording engineer. This passion ties heavily into my design process as I try to 'fit' many independent parts into a single project resulting in a cohesive, pleasurable experience. However, my approach is light hearted and stays true to the final end product, whatever the chosen approach may be. 

Please check out my design projects in my Work section if you would like to see more!


Download my Resumé


Send me a message anytime and I'll be happy to chat!

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